News and progress about unikernels

NFV Platforms with MirageOS Unikernels

We built a new standalone software platform to unify automation, orchestration and the 'stitching together' of a designated set of NFVs. Our platform does not rely on current cloud orchestration or SDN technologies. Instead, the platform architecture goes beyond existing virtual machines and containers, by introducing the concept of 'nanoservices' using MirageOS unikernels.

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IncludeOS is now free and open source!

We've finally opened the lid on IncludeOS, just in time for the IEEE CloudCom paper presentation recently. A preprint of the paper is available from our repo. However, we've done quite a lot of work since the paper was written, so here's an update on what IncludeOS is now, and what you can expect in the near future.

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Unikernels, meet Docker!

Today unikernels took to the stage at DockerCon EU in Barcelona! As part of the Cool Hacks session in the closing keynote, Anil Madhavapeddy (MirageOS project lead), showed how unikernels can be treated as any other container. He first used Docker to build a unikernel microservice and then followed up by deploying a real web application with database, webserver and PHP code all running as distinct unikernel microservices built using Rump Kernels. Docker managed the unikernels just like Linux containers but without needing to deploy a traditional operating system!

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A community site for Unikernels

Word about unikernels is spreading and more people are trying to learn about this new approach to programming the cloud. This community site aims to collate information about the various projects and provide a focal point for early adopters to understand more about the technology and become involved in the projects themselves.

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